Two Poles of Mutual Funds – Direct Mutual Fund & Regular Mutual Fund

Two Poles of Mutual Funds – Direct Mutual Fund & Regular Mutual Fund

 What is The Basoc Difference Between Direct Mutual Funds & Regular Mutual funds ? Let’s Have look On It…


Mutual Fund is bordly classified as Direce Mutual Fund and Regular Mutual Fund. These two types of

Mutual Fund can be explained as follows:


  • Direct Mutual Fund: This plan has been introduced by Secuities and Exchange Bord of India (SEBI) on January, 2013. This plan can be defined as an option provided by Asset Management Companies (AMC) to investor by wich they can invest their money in mutual fund without the involvement of any agent, broker or distributor. Groww, Kuvera are few examples of mobile app from where you can buy direct mutual funds & Sip/s.

  • Regular Mutual Fund: On contray to the Direct Mutual Fund, regular mutual fund plan can be defined as an option provided by AMC where investors invest in various mutual fund schemes with the aid of intermediaries of AMC such as fund against, broker or distributor. The intermediaries are being paid a commission by the AMCs respectively. The commission rate is implies that this is ultimately borne by the investors.

Benefit of Direct Plan over Regular Plan: 


In case of  Direct plan, cost of commission is saved as the plan dose not involve the intermediaries of AMC. This cost of commission is added back to the NAv and hence reduce the expense ratio. In turn, investors receive additional return on this added amount. On cuntray, in regular plan, cost of commission is incurred by AMC and is charged from NAV. So, regular plan is having less NAV than that of direct plan. Is is evident thant on an averge the difference between expense ratio of direct plan and regular plan is about 1%. Consequently, someone can earn higher return in direct plan than regular plan by the advantage of this expense ratio difference.


Benefit Of Regular Plan over Direct Plan: 

Regular plan includes the involvement of the intermediaries or advisory of AMC. This plan is basically suitable for those insvestors who are actually not enough comfortable with their investment decisions. If someone has shortage of time and do not have the expert skills, advisors offer services of reviewing investment on a timely basis and give there expart advice to transact with the fund respectively. Advisors also provide additional services of portfolio tracking and changes.



Before concluding, an important fact to be start that it is mandatory for an investor to choose an effective and suitable mutual fund plan depending on their respective criterions.



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